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Jeff Monson [Holy Sh*t] | Episode 23 of the Punchin’ In Podcast

January 5, 2022

We are joined by Jeff "The Snowman" Monson. Jeff is 2x ADDC Champion and considered one of the best American grapplers during his career. 

He has fought legendary fighters such as: Fedor, Mark Kerr, Pedro Rizzo to name just a few and has been on the sports biggest stages in MMA, competing in the UFC, Bellator, M-1, and PRIDE Fighting Championships among others. 

Jeff's life and stories are like no others. Ridiculously funny and all true. 

0:00:00 Starts
0:00:10 Insanity begins
0:01:37 "I just loved it" (competing)
0:02:20 Jeff subs Dan
0:04:30 Jeff comes down to Florida
0:06:48 Fighting Chuck Liddell
0:09:40 1999 Abu Dhabi story
0:11:00 Jeff's disgusting sheet prank backfires
0:17:22 Jeff falls in love and gets a tattoo 
0:20:00 Jeff gets "married"
0:22:45 One of the best competitors I've seen
0:23:40 Jeff fighting for the UFC Heavyweight title vs Tim Sylvia
0:26:09 Greatest story ever
0:28:50 Why he fights
0:31:15 Off to Russia
0:31:34 Fighting Fedor
0:35:03 Jeff's a celebrity in Russia
0:37:20 Jeff spray paints the Washington State capital building
0:39:44 Girl trouble in North Carolina
0:44:09 Training in Jail
0:51:36 Life in Russia
0:53:45 Richie gets "thrown"
0:58:29 Kayla meets Putin
0:59:11 Kayla meets Biden
1:04:49 "I wanted to fight Randy Couture"
1:05:23 "I wanted to fight Chael" 
1:09:09 Jeff's sentimental story on Dan
1:14:58 Saved you 15 minutes hell (boring story).
1:15:14 Signing the flag
1:17:47 R.I.P Jordan Young 
1:18:02 End




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